A lot of people have advanced the work, some unwittingly, some by merely standing and waiting (and waiting,) some actively:

Directions, Concepts and Influences.

Colin McCormack
Co-Founder. Obsessing, coding, obsessing some more.
Phillipe Hébrais
Co-Founder. Turned vague rumblings about Spatial Locality of Reference into a breakthrough, designed and coded QVMM unbelievably quickly and well. Contributed his experience from other experimental language developments to the design of this toolkit.
Ryan Daum
Suggesting we look carefully at Python. Needling us until we released. Doing Freon - the parse tree way.
Matthew Toseland
Some wonderful new classes, applying coherent thought, spectacular optimisations.
Robert DeForest
Inspired Chaos, developed Chaos, oh the puns are endless.
Chuck Adams
FreeBSD port, cleaning the Augean stables of our repository, developer discipline.
Norman Nunley, Jr (aka Duke of URL)
language, consultant, informant, good advice.
Nick Sweeney
Countless conversations, numberless insights.
Visual Artist in residence.
Andrew Morton
Gentle enquiries. Sterling debugging.
Martin Schwenke
Some things that won't become obvious for a while. Formal method things, BOOM hierarchy, that kind of thing.
Bill Drury
The space in which we converse (moo.xao.com 7777)
Jeremy FitzHardinge
Crucial assistance with Elf and mmap (he wrote it, after all.)
Greg Hudson
His epochal coldmud.
Michael `Tired' Riepe
The definitive solution to our Elf problems (he wrote the library, after all.)
Jordan B. Baker
Enthusiasm and Chaos
Hans Reiser
His epochal reiserfs.
Guido von Rossum
His orthogonal Python API.
Brian Eno
Oblique Strategies and Soundtrack
The Institute of Official Cheer
Raw material for our fearless corporate fridge logo. Not that we want to encourage an outbreak of kitsch on the web, but this is really good kitsch.
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That Oscar acceptance speech in full.

Why ColdStore? An explanation of what we're up to.

The nitty-gritty: an explanation of ColdStore's design, what it does, and what it might be used for.

Get it, compile it, run it, tweak it. Lather, rinse, repeat: all with the fresh smell of GNU.

We think that ColdStore has potential. Here's what's in the offing: from the nearly feasible to the bright blue sky. You can probably help us out here.

Though it sometimes feels that way, we're not the only ones thinking about these things. A few references to articles on object persistence and all that gubbins.

Praise the visionaries behind this thing; alternatively, berate the guilty parties.